Investment by Paraná Energy Company and Electric Distribution

The Paraná Electric Distribution Company made the investment for the acquisition of a Lippel equipament, being this a Wood Chipper model PTU 300 with 60Hp of power and Diesel engine. The equipment will be the fifth of the company's fleet.

The PTU 300 Wood Chipper will be applied to the shredding of organic residues from pruning, trunks, leaves, shrubs that were collected in all cities of the state. One of the benefits of the solution offered by Lippel through the Wood Chipper equipment will be the reduction of waste volume by 80% in the grinding of the pruning that comes and goes through the company in the middle of the city's electricity networks. It will also be used in the form of emergency grinding in cases of tree falls in the middle of urban roads.

According to Responsible Engineer for the company's work, one of the great gains in shredding of municipal waste in the cutting and harvesting of branches is the ease of handling and transport of the waste, including the ease of proper disposal of the shredded residues, not counting the benefits to the environment .

Lippel's urban equipment is designed and manufactured so that the client can carry out a continuous and severe work, giving the customer a great differential in their daily work, besides the great benefit of our brand offering a 100% national product, offering a much costless maintenance, ease in the acquisition of spare parts and technical assistance.

Lippel develops new technologies for its customers, being for energy distribution companies, service providers, public agencies, environmental consortia, highway concessionaires and other companies.