Intelligent investiment with Lippel: Forestry Chipper for soil enrichment, with technical delivery!

On June 20, Lippel delivered another Forest Disc Chipper PDF 320 HDR-EA, for a glass and reforestation client, located in the city of Campos Novos/SC, Brazil.

The client have a large quantity of branch in the woods and intends to chip/grid  to return and enrich the soil, thus benefiting his plantations and helping to balance the environment.

Asked about the option to choose Lippel, the customer replied that: "I opted for Lippel Company for some factors that I consider important, among them: Service, Price and Technology, because I found a configuration that will serve me more efficiently, where we will go Feed manually and the steel entrance mat will make it easier for us in the field. "

The technical delivery was performed at our headquarters, the customer received all the instructions for operation and maintenance of the equipment, making the best use of their investment.