How can composting help me improve tree cleaning in the city

One goal that we always have in mind is how to improve the services we provide and how to increase the economy when cleaning and managing trees in the city.

The challenge faced is the large number of trips needed to transport the material from tree management, to where the material is going to be discarded, besides how to dispose of it correctly in the environment.

The afforestation of the city is a process that improves the quality of life of the population, the health of the environment and beautifies the city.

However, to make the process of afforestation of the city a profitable process, it is first necessary to have a way to reuse the organic waste, to put an end to the waste of this material and to generate savings through recycling.

The tool to leave the city with the much desired green and colored appearance is a suitable brush chipper to process the organic matter collected in pruning. When chipping this material, it is possible to leave it with a uniform size and appropriate to start the composting process.

After being chipped, the organic waste will reach a volume reduction of up to 80%, making it much easier and cheaper to transport to the disposal site or compost. Then the material can be packed together with other organic waste for the production of organic fertilizer and then used in municipal plants and gardens.