Green waste reuse and sustainability project in the state of Ceará - Brazil

Recently a company in the state of Ceará - Brazil that works with agribusiness has begun to look for new ways to reuse waste in a sustainable way.

This company has been working for years with several agribusiness sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fruit growing and livestock. This company was having difficulties with the disposal of the coconut due to large amount of waste. Now they have decided to find a way to reuse these residues in a sustainable way for the application in composting and soil cover.

To make this possible, this company has acquired a waste shredder model TVL 200/400 specially prepared for the shredding of both dry and green coconut. This equipment has a reinforced structure and is prepared to handle waste with a large amount of liquid and moisture.

With this initiative they will now be able to use this material that was previously thrown away for soil revitalization, preparing the farms for new plantations through organic fertilizer, without chemical components, presenting a great economic advantage for the company by the economy in the purchase of fertilizers , for the environment by having the soil revitalized naturally and also for the final consumer, who will have an organic and healthy food.