Glass shredder purchased by public entity for recycling

Recently a public entity has purchased a Lippel TVL-103 Recycling Glass shredder, which will aid the selective collection of municipal waste.

This equipment will be used to reduce surplus demand in the city landfill, and will allow glass bottles and other glass materials to be shredded, which will reduce the volume of the waste material, and will enable the beginning of the glass recycling process.

Through recycling, the impact on the environment caused by the incorrect disposal of solid waste is reduced. This process also allows the reuse of the material in place of the mere disposal, thus generating revenue for the municipality and a better quality of life for the inhabitants of the city.

The purchase of the glass shredder was praised by the mayor who said: '' It is another step taken in the direction of maintaining our environment, with more this investment, shows how our public entities are engaged with the issue of recycling in the municipality and that has been doing a good job in waste management. ''

And it was at Lippel that they found the solution to the necessary glass recycling. By providing efficient equipment with high productivity and durability, Lippel ensures the safe return of investment and the improvement of the quality of life of the population.