Generating work by treatment and processing of solid fuel

In recent years, the concern for environmental health has increased and gained a new impetus. In view of the health of the environment, the search for renewable and clean energy sources has increased significantly.

The answer to this quest is to use biomass as clean and efficient solid fuel.

Biomass has been shown to be a powerful option in replacing the use of fossil fuels, as it has a high calorific value and represents a large reduction of greenhouse gases.

The advantages are not just to the environment. Through the intelligent use of wood waste, from urban pruning, thinning of reforestation areas or even waste from industrial use, new jobs and opportunities have been created.

For this, Lippel has developed a range of machines of high quality biomass treatment plants. Biomass treatment plants are a perfect example of smart ways to reuse organic waste generating jobs and revenue for the company. As it decreases the use of non-renewable fuel sources and makes use of wood chips or briquettes - a form of renewable and clean energy - the company has a rapid return on its investment, generating a great savings from short to long term .

By making use of high quality materials and state-of-the-art engineering, Lippel ensures that your investment will not be lost along the way, but that the machinery will have a long life and, because it is a national company, a very low maintenance cost and fast service.