Forestry Wood Chipper PFL 500x900 MC uploaded to Dominican Republic

This PFL was shipped yesterday to the Dominican Republic to attend one of the largest gold miners in the world.

The machine will serve to shred all the residual biomass of the explored areas and so the waste generated by the company itself.

This forestry chipper was configured to process the organic waste, leaving them with small particle size, thus making it possible to reuse them through the organic composting process.

This process will be a great advantage for the mining company, as they will be able to dispose these residues by incorporating them back into the soil, as well as recovering the devastated areas by enriching the soil for new trees and plants.

This forestry chipper will represent a great savings for this mining company, both through the ease of waste disposal, since they have a much lower volume after processing, besides the reuse of the same instead of mere disposal.