Forestry Wood Chipper PFL 500 x 900 MC Chipping eucalyptus bark

Among the merits of a high performance and high productivity Forestry Chipper, is the versatility of chipping organic waste of various types and hardness without difficulty and without loss of power.

The PFL 500 x 900 MC is the perfect example of productivity and versatility. Being a great capacity and high productivity tree chipper, it is capable of processing whole large diameter logs. However, its versatility in the chipping of organic materials is shown in the processing of soft and flexible materials.

This week, during the intensive tests of the equipment, the chipping test with eucalyptus bark was performed, which, as expected, was a complete success, which shows the high quality of the engineering applied in the equipament cutting system.

The difficulty in processing flexible materials is that they can curl into the cutting drum causing equipment problems. But thanks to the efficient, high-precision cutting system, Lippel Wood Chippers easily process this organic material by producing high quality chips.