Forestry Wood Chipper PFL 400X 700 MC Working

Lippel proudly announces the technical delivery of another high-performance equipment:
PFL 400x 700 MC, equipped with an engine of 317 HP, production of up to 110 m3 / h of chips.

Lippel values ??the commitment to serve the client in all their needs. The Qualified Technical Delivery is an additional guarantee that the customer has when purchasing the equipment that everything will work out. It tells the customer satisfied with the service offered. In addition to providing us with highly robust equipment, a trained technician stayed for a period of time enabling my employees to work properly, thus qualifying them to be able to replace, sharpen and perform periodic maintenance so important to the quality of the work.

Lippel increasingly consolidates its sales leadership in South America, with more equipment sold for heavy labor in Peru, providing the customer with the best quality, robustness and durability