Forestry Chipper with PTO delivered to client in Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil

Recently Lippel had delivered a Forestry Chipper model PFL 300x500 TC to a importante customer located in Canela / RS.

Currently the client works in the mining and crushing sector. With the acquisition of the wood chipper, he will be able to use forest remnants for composting and soil cover, helping in the environmental control of his region.

This client came to Lippel in 2016 to learn more about the chippers and utilities of the chipped material, since he works in another sector and did not have much knowledge about it, at the time he confessed that it was more a curiosity than a will to evolve to a possible purchase. Now asked about Lippel's choice, he replied: "from the outset I was very well attended, having quick returns of questions, commercial proposals, news and evolutions of the equipment ... I noticed Lippel's concern to keep customers informed in all the moments of the negotiation, and it was no different now in 2018 when I decided to buy it. You came in my company to make a business visit to finalize the request, and also wanted to know my reality, to indicate the best model of machine.