Forestry chipper exported to large timber industry in Ecuador

This week Lippel sent another Forestry Chipper to one of the largest timber industry in Ecuador. This company works with a very large wood log processing stream, which also generates a large amount of cutting boards or even bark from trees leftover.

In order to reuse this large quantity of wood waste, the company acquired a Lippel stationary chipper in the year 2017, which began to work on the chipping of all the leftover wood, producing wood chips that became a source of extra income for the company.

This process has become so profitable that the company has now decided to acquire a forestry chipper in partnership with an MDP sheet producer industry to reuse forest harvesting remains, trees that would not be suitable for the manufacture of boards or even the surplus of trees, taking advantage of all this material for the production of biomass that will be used by this partner company in the production of sheets of MDP that are used in the manufacture of furniture.

Thanks to this initiative, this material that was previously discarded is now reused by the industry, reducing the need for forest harvesting for the production of raw material for the production of MDP sheets, making a complete use of forestry wood.