Forestry Chipper Dragon 1200 exported to Chile

Recently, Lippel has exported a forestry chipper model Dragon 1200 to Chile.

The chipper Dragon 1200 is one of Lippel's new forestry wood chipper models and will make its first presentation at this Chilean company. This company works in the forestry sector and had the need to produce large-scale chips for the burning in boilers.

When this need arose the company came to know Lippel, who then presented the solution for large-scale wood processing. The Dragon 1200 is designed to be a high-performance equipment without losing its versatility. This wood chipper has several installation options, and can have a towable wheel, self propelled wheel, caterpillar system or even be mounted directly on a truck, in addition to being able to rely on tractor roller or traction mat.

Now thanks to the high productivity of this chipper the company will be able to supply its need for chips and will save money on the purchase of third-party chips.