Forestry chipper delivered for use in urban green waste cleaning

Lippel has recently delivered a forestry chipper for use in municipal waste cleaning.

The model of the forestry chipper is the PFL 300 x 500, an equipment with compact design and highly efficient in chipping wood such as larger antlers, trees or even wood waste common in dumps and landfills.

The objective of acquiring this equipment is to make the management of organic waste from urban pruning more economical, as well as to begin to recycle the material already deposited in landfills. This forestry chipper will be acting in the chipping of the waste, leaving them with a small granulometry, that is, a small and uniform size, which allows a great saving in the transportation of the waste, why?

When pruning trees, for not to take too long to cut the branches into small pieces the branches are discarded in the truck in more whole sizes, which generates a large volume in the truck and makes necessary to make many trips to transport the antlers to a landfill.

By chipping the antlers, the resulting material leaves almost no space left between them, making it much more compact and allowing the work to continue for much longer before it is necessary to move the truck to the landfill for disposal, thus saving a lot of time and also fuel.

In addition to the logistic benefit, the environmental benefit is also great because, once the material gets in a uniform and small size, it becomes possible to compost organic waste instead of disposal in landfills, thus reducing the accumulation of waste, reducing the greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere and still producing a rich organic fertilizer that can be applied in farms, plantations and gardens in the most diverse areas of the city.