Forestry Chipper delivered for the chipping of whole trees

Recently Lippel has delivered a forestry chipper to work on the chipping of entire trees.

Whether you are looking forward to enter in the energy market as a growth opportunity, or are already in this market and looking for new ways to maximize your biomass production, Raptor 900 is the best choice because of its power, performance and versatility.

The Lippel Forestry Chippers are the real chippers. With a smart design that makes the machine compact and highly productive. The smooth cutting system and material extraction through the belt produces high quality chips with the least amount of fines possible.

In the Raptor 900, one of the options of motorization is a 357 HP diesel engine that, together with the cutting system produces 140m³/h, ideal for professional producers of biomass for the energy reutilization of the wood.