Forestry chippe delivered to the sheep raising farm to clean pruning of forest management

Lippel recently delivered a forestry chipper to a sheep and goat raising farm located in São Paulo - Brazil.

As the farm has a large green area, collecting and discarding the prunings of forest management was a challenge. Now, with the acquisition of the Lippel forestry chipper, the farm will have reduced labor in the collection of waste besides the possibility of reuse.

Pruning debris, when discarded directly into the environment, begins to rot and produce greenhouse gases. Through the processing of these organic wastes will be given a correct destination to the pruning remains, in addition to making possible the reuse through organic composting.

Through this process will be produced a rich organic fertilizer that will be used in the fertilization of the soil in a totally natural way.

Initiatives such as this show how it is possible to act in favor of the environment, generating savings of company resources and time in tree management.