Fleet of Brush Chippers for urban cleaning and composting

Profitable afforestation plans of the city is the major goal of prefectures in all cities.

However, the afforestation of the city generates a lot of pruning, where it is undeniable the need to dispose of it in an environmentally correct manner, in accordance with all current regulations on the disposal of organic waste.

To meet this need, Lippel has achieved a high standard in the development and production of equipment for chipping the prunings of tree management in the most diverse situations faced by urban cleaning teams.

Lippel has equipment with tractor power take-off, gasoline or diesel engine, mobile or stationary systems to offer city halls and service providers the most practical equipment possible, whether on urban streets or in larger green areas.

Lippel aims to encourage the reuse of organic waste through composting, improving the health of the environment and the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city.