Fleet of Brush Chipper exported to a client on Chile

Recently Lippel has been exporting a fleet of branch crushers to a customer in Chile.

This company works in the area of electricity distribution, and, like all companies in this sector, faced difficulties with respect to the growth of antlers on the power wires, and it is always necessary to keep the trees pruning in good order.

The company was already pruning trees constantly to maintain the health of the plants and the safety of the wires of the electric network, however, carrying the waste of the pruning to a landfill was very costly and time-consuming.

The company's goal was to reduce the time and cost of maintaining urban pruning. To this end, the company acquired a fleet of Lippel brush chippers to then chip all pruning residues directly into the workplace, thereby reducing pruning volume by up to 80%, thus greatly reducing the need for travels to discard the waste and consequently reducing costs.

Another advantage presented was through the possibility of reuse of the material. Previously the material was only disposed of in a landfill, damaging the environment and wasting such rich material. Now, thanks to having a material already chipped in uniform size, the company will perform the organic composting, using the fertilizer generated for plants in the company's own sites.