Finalization of new projects in Brazil

Lippel finalized last week the assembly, start-up and training of the following equipments:

• Wood chips / Sawdust feeder;

• Pyrolytic Burner QPL-2000;

• Burner / Furnace Coupling System;

• Drum Wood Chipper with PTL-170/250 x 400 Traction Roller;

• Belt Conveyors;

This project was installed in the Center-West Region of Brazil, and aims to revolutionize the Fertilizer market. The choice for the brand "LIPPEL" was made possible by several factors, among them:

• References of dozens of equipment already installed in Brazil and abroad;

• Proof of satisfactory performance, efficiency and performance;

• Better quality equipment with applied engineering;

• Good service, transparency and respect throughout the involved process;

• Prices consistent with the reality of the project;