Exportation of Forestry Chipper to dairy company in Paraguay

This week Lippel had realized the exportation of a Forestry Chipper modelo Raptor 700 to work in the largest dairy industry in Paraguay.

With the technological evolution in the industry bringing several benefits in safety and productivity this company also decided to perform the automation of certain sectors within its industry, leading it to acquire a boiler and a biomass burner to replace the old manual feed furnace.

And in order to be viable the use of this boiler the company has acquired the main equipment that is a Forestry Chipper to produce its own solid fuel through the chipping of reforestation wood.

The purchase of firewood or even the wood chip represents a great expense for a company of this size and therefore the acquisition of the wood chipper was a key part for the viability of all this operation.

The renovation carried out by this Paraguayan company has brought several benefits such as the economy in the purchase of firewood, the reduction of risk of accidents by using an automated system and the increase of productivity and the quality of the final product.