Equipment that professionals choose for urban pruning cleaning

With the new rules for the disposal of green waste, there was a need to search for viable alternatives for the maintenance of green areas within cities, as well as for the cleaning and maintenance of trees that are in urban roads and highways.

In order to adapt to this new reality, many have implemented new urban cleaning plans that include the reuse of organic residues from urban pruning by chipping green residues and future application to composting.

Organic composting makes it possible for pruning wastes to be reused to return to nature in a beneficial way, enriching the soil for planting new trees and plants in public roads or in municipal gardens or schools.

In order to meet the demands of urban cleaning, Lippel offers a wide range of equipment with the best technology available in the processing of tree branches. By chipping the material, city halls and service providers can use a truck to transport in just one trip, the same amount that eight trucks would carry if the remains of trees were not chipped, generating a great saving of transportation resources.

The equipment most chosen by several professionals is the Brush Chipper PTU 300, developed and improved for high productivity and urban transport, being fully homologated for public road transport.

Through the use of tools such as this many have benefited and carried forward plans related to organic composting, reusing this material, since by conducting their distribution to farmers, who apply the fertilizer in their plantations, such as through their use in schools or even the sale of organic fertilizer.