Encouragement from the city of Dois Irmãos - RS for the use of organic fertilizer

Equipment supplied to ‘Lippel Engenharia’ was delivered to  the city of Dois Irmãos, state of Rio Grande do Sul
The equipment will be used to shred waste from pruning, which range from small to large branches. After the shredding process, the resulting material will be given to farmers, in order to encourage the use of organic fertilizer, as it will generate an average of three or four truckloads of the shredded material a day.  Before the city acquired our equipment, the waste from pruning was sent to a screening and recycling plant, and decomposed without a certain destination.
Our client  says, "is an advantageous equipment, both in price and in technical qualities," thus still leaving a note:  “Engineers from the bank ‘Caixa’ evaluated the equipment and were impressed with its operation"
Our company is honored, we are not only able to provide a solution for every need, but also understand the importance and impact to the environment.