Delivery of Stationary Wood Chipper to a ceramics company in Colombia

A Lippel Stationary Wood Chipper was recently loaded and shipped to a Colombian company.

This company works in the ceramic sector, and has the need to burn the fuel in suspension. To meet this demand, they acquired a Lippel Stationary Chipper model PTL 200 x 500, which was equipped with a 75 hp motor, multi knife cutting system, and will be producing wood chips with smaller particle size, averaging 7 mm.

However, as the burning in the ceramic industry demands a high calorific value of the fuel, the company also acquired a Lippel hammer mill, which will reduce even more the granulometry of the material leaving it with a totally uniform size, reaching the average of 5 mm of chip size, improving the quality and effectiveness of the burn.

The choice for Lippel equipment was based on Lippel's history of selling equipment to South America, exporting high quality equipment with good service.