Delivery of PFL 400 x 700 Forestry Chipper to customer in Minas Gerais - Brazil

Lippel has recently delivered a PFL 400 x 700 MC for a customer in the state of Minas Gerais - Brazil.

This equipment was developed for the large-scale processing of wood, designed to work directly in the forests, being necessary only to cut the wood of reforestation and then place it in the wood chipper, transporting the material already ready for the energy use out of the forest.

The PFL 400 x 700 MC features a high-efficiency drum cutting system, which avoids the need for extremely large and fuel-efficient engines, performing the job more efficiently and having a compact design, easy to transport to the place of work and within the workplace.

This forest chopper is ideal for those seeking to benefit from reforestation wood for use in burning in boilers and furnaces, or even for those who wish to sell this material to others.