Delivery of Forestry Chipper in a cooperative in Paraguay

Lippel recently delivered a Forestry Chipepr model Raptor 700 to a cooperative company in Paraguay.

This Paraguayan company works with the planting and processing of yerba mate and before it was dried by rotary dryers fed by firewood. However, the firewood was representing a high cost of purchase, greater maintenance because as it is necessary to be fed manually besides its inconstant yield. This company aimed to automate the process of yeaba mate drying and for this they contacted Lippel.

After studying the customer's needs, the solution was offered through the exchange of the use of firewood for the use of wood chips.

Lippel offered this solution because the wood chip has a higher calorific value over the common firewood, it has greater homogeneity in the combustion, thus providing a constant yield and a way to reduce the cost of the operation. Now the company has acquired a Forestry Chipper that will be used for the own production of wood chips for its system mate drying.

The equipment was chosen based on its high productivity, being able to produce 30 tons of wood chips per hour, which surpasses the needs of the client. In the delivery process, Lippel performed a startup of training in the use of the wood chipper to the employees, where the company was very satisfied with the result. In summary we can say that this project of automation and startup in Paraguay was a success.