Delivery of fifteen Brush Chippers for urban cleaning in São Paulo - Brazil

Lippel recently made a deal with an energy supplier in the state of São Paulo, where the company will be receiving 15 brush chippersa for the state's urban cleaning.

This company already had other equipment that they have acquired in the past, but now they decided to renew their fleet and also to increase the safety of operation during the collection and processing of urban cleaning. At Lippel this energy supplier has found the solution to improve the safety of equipment, where Lippel has taken measures that involved suit all equipment to the specific needs of our customer.

Another measure taken by Lippel was the provision of a technical assistance plan, where Lippel will provide all preventive and corrective maintenance on the equipment for a period of 15 months, where the company will have no need to have any concerns about carrying out these maintenance.

The purpose of the equipment is to chip antlers and prunings from the management of trees in urban perimeters, since the branches that touch the electricity wires could cause wiring problems. So this company can keep the electrical wiring of the city in good condition and give a correct destination to organic waste from pruning.

Once chipped, the material is donated to partners of the energy supplier with the goal of performing organic composting, producing about 9.8 tons of organic fertilizer per month.

This fertilizer is then used in landscaping and farms in several regions of the state of São Paulo.

"We saw an opportunity for the reuse of the tree branches that we prune. This, in addition to bringing environmental benefit, also ensures that the pruning cycle is done in the most correct way possible, "commented the manager of the company.