Delivery of Brush Cipper in the state of São Paulo - Brazil

Recently, Lippel has delivered a Brush Chipper Model PTU 300 in the state of São Paulo - Brazil.

The PTU 300 brush chipper has been the main choice by city halls and service providers when it comes to the processing of waste from tree pruning in municipalities.

This equipment is a tool that allows to reduce the costs of the maintenance of the trees and plants in the cities, besides making sustainable plans of afforestation of the municipality, since it reduces the volume of the organic residues in 80%.

This material reduction in volume represents a very large drop in the number of journeys required to transport the waste to the discharge site, reducing fuel costs and maintaining the fleet of vehicles for urban cleaning.

Through the shredding of the material it is also possible to reuse organic waste through composting, a process that produces a rich organic fertilizer that can also be applied to the afforestation of the city, further reducing costs in maintaining the green areas of the municipality.

The PTU 300 brush chipper is a high-performance, cost-effective pruning chipper designed to provide greater operator safety with a complete road signaling and operation kit, wide feed rail and automatic protection of the equipment, providing the highest possible performance with safety and economy.