Delivery of Brush Chipper with technical training of operation

Lippel has recently delivered a Brush Chipper model PDU 1800 G for urban cleaning of pruning.

Along with the act of delivery, Lippel had performed the technical training of equipment operation, instructing everyone who will operate the equipment how to operate the chipper in a safe and efficient manner.

The delivered chipper features a high performance gasoline engine and a compact, easy-to-transport design, a vital aspect in public road transportation, easy to use in green waste processing, and capable of reducing its volume by up to 80 % compared to the non shredded material.

Lippel provides this technical training when delivering the equipment in order to ensure that all operators are always focused on self and third party safety, teaching best work practices and how to act in emergencies. It is also instructed how to perform preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment, which always results in savings and the reduction of accident risks.