Delivery of Brush Chipper to assist the collection of pruning and increase of afforestation of municipality

Lippel recently delivered a brush chipper to a municipality in Paraná.

The challenge faced by the municipal government was the difficulty in collecting and transporting the prunings due to the large volume of the antlers, besides that this material had no use and was therefore only discarded.

Now, with the acquisition of this brush chipper, it will be possible to reduce the volume of pruning by about 70%, greatly facilitating the operation of collecting and transporting organic waste, thus generating a great saving of time and public resources in urban cleaning. Now, with the Lippel brush chipper at its disposal, the city may reuse these organic waste collected in the areas of the municipality, giving a correct destination to the prunings of tree management, and then applying these in organic composting.

Through organic composting, an organic fertilizer will be produced, rich in humus, which will act as a powerful natural fertilizer in the project of increasing the afforestation of the city.

With this solution offered by Lippel, the City Hall will offer an improvement in the quality of life of the population and the economy of public resources.