Delivery of Brush Chipper for use in composting in São Paulo - Brazil

Due to the need to renovate the equipment used in urban pruning management and to improve logistics, saving time and resources, a city hall in the state of São Paulo has acquired a Lippel brush chipper.

The equipment delivered was a PTU 300, the brush chipper most chosen by professionals such as service providers and prefectures due to its capacity of chipping that never lack performance and its homologation that allows the filing of the equipment for the transport in public roads.

The PTU 300 will be used in the Ecoverde prune chipping in order to destine the material for organic composting. The city has gardening and maintenance projects for green areas that will be richly benefited by the use of this urban chipper, since composting produces a rich organic compound that can be used instead of artificial fertilizers.

Thus, the city will reduce costs in the city gardening and will still be providing free organic compost to farmers in the region, encouraging agriculture and local economy.