Delivery of Brush Chipper for cleaning of condominium in São Paulo - Brazil

This week Lippel delivered a Brush Chipper to a condominium in the state of São Paulo - Brazil.

The Brush Chipper delivered was the PDU 255 G, a compact and highly efficient equipment. Since the condominium has large green areas and the incorrect disposal of pruning generates a great environmental impact, the condominium chose to purchase a brush chipper to process all collected pruning and then transform it into homogeneous granular material.

It is in this process that the brush chipper PDU 255 G will be working, reducing the volume of pruning debris by up to 80%, thus allowing the material to be reused through organic composting.

Composting has been the preferred choice by many companies, municipalities and condominiums due to its relatively low investment cost and positive environmental impact. Not only the waste will not be producing greenhouse gases, but it will also be turning waste into organic fertilizer, which is then used in soil improvement for new plants.