Delivery of a Urban Wood Chipper to municipal government and its use in favor of the city

In order to maintain the environment of a well-managed municipality, it is needed to have the necessary tools in hands to carry out the management and treatment of organic waste in an appropriate manner.

Recently, Lippel delivered another wood chipper to a city hall.

This equipment will be bringing many advantages to the city, acting as a powerful tool in the processing of organic waste within the urban perimeter.

The municipality chose to purchase this equipment in face of the need to increase the efficiency in the collection and disposal service of branches and remnants of pruning collected around the city.

The gathering and transportation of branches in their natural state is a slow and costly process, since this material has a very large volume and requires many trips to transport all the material to the eco points of the city.

The Lippel Wood Chipper will meet this need, since the material once shredded reaches 70% less volume compared to the non-shredded material, making the transportation process much easier and economical.

Through the grinding of organic residues from tree management, it is also possible to perform the organic composting process, which generates a rich organic compound to the soil, improving the growth of new plants, thus improving the life of the population and generating the economy of the municipality's resources.