Delivery and Start Up of the PFL 400x700 MC in an important mining company of Peru

Strong, high-performance machines capable of working in any environment and with simplified global assistance projects are some of the strengths that have consolidated our brand internationally.

This PFL 400x700 MC Lippel Forestry Chipper has just been delivered to a major mining company located in Peru. The waste and wood from the miner will be processed by the Forestry Chipper to be used in the composting process. This equipment has a rotor specially developed for this job.

According to the report of the Manager of the site, the equipment was purchased to meet the need to chip these waste that they own in the mining company, and thus, transform these organic waste into organic fertilizer.

"We were surprised by the size of the equipment, which exceeded our expectations. We recommend this machine and the Lippel brand as being the most reliable on the market, "the miner's manager quoted.