Composting Plant Projects

The disposal of solid waste has always been a concern for urban areas in general, since with the increasing production of waste within the urban perimeters, it has increased as a consequence the pollution of the environment. That is why measures have been taken to end public dumping.

However, implementing landfills end up generating a high cost. But for everything there is a solution, in this case, the application of composting projects.

Lippel aims to offer a proposal of environmental disposal for organic waste, and for this we produce all the machinery for the formation of composting plants.

These equipment carry out the process from the classification of the material, with the objective of separating the wastes or materials that are not suitable for the composting, until the step of shredding the material, taking it to the final stage of preparation, leaving the organic residues ready to start the production of the organic compound, taking into account all the public policies of environmental disposal.

Recycling is an excellent proposal for all municipalities and service providers, since it adds value to the organic compound and for enabling reuse of the material instead of mere disposal.