Company of Sanitation and Construction from São Paulo - Brazil acquires Forestry Chipper

This week Lippel delivered another Forestry Chipper model Raptor 900 Forest to a major customer in the state of São Paulo - Brazil.

This customer had already purchased a Forestry Chipper model Raptor 700 for the processing of wood waste in one of their cities last year. This new forestry wood chipper will now meet the demand in another city of São Paulo.

Their demand for wood waste processing has been steadily and significantly increasing, leading the company to look for larger and more powerful equipment, as they works with Urban Pruning and also Contaminated Material (Building Debris). The equipment chosen was the Raptor 900, that has large feed opening and will facilitate the daily work of wood chipping.

Asked about the expansion of its business, the customer told us that it should acquire more mincers in the coming years, in view of its planning, environmental concern and social responsibility.