Brush Chipper delivered for pruning and landscaping services

Recently Lippel has delivered a Brush Chipper to a company that works in the area of ??Urban and Condominial Landscaping and Pruning.

As the company works directly and constantly with urban pruning, the volume of waste to make the management is very large, requiring several trips from the workplace to the landfill in order to discard the collected green waste.

However, with the new disposal rules and also with the need to save on waste management, the company sought a solution to reuse this material.

In order to achieve this, the company has acquired a Lippel Brush Chipper model PTU 300 in order to process green waste directly in the workplace. The advantage of this method of work is the saving of time and fuel, once the chipping of antlers allows a waste volume reduction of up to 80%, thus reducing a lot the need for trips to dispose the waste, saving time and money .

Before the whole material is discarded in landfills and eco points, now, the whole material will be reused through composting, producing organic fertilizer that will be used in the own company’s service providing, using the fertilizer in landscaping services, improving the quality of the soil and consequently the health of the most diverse plants.

With these advantages the acquisition of the Brush Chipper has become an investment with short and medium term return, allowing the company to have an ecologically correct working method and adding value to the services provided and to the company itself.