Branching machine of branches supports the pruning of trees realized in urban ways.

The PTU 300 (urban shredder chopper) was presented to a municipality to be used in urban pruning cleaning. It is a benefit that generates economy the municipality decreasing the amount of solid waste from urban pruning, cleaning and opening of roads and avoid waste in wastelands where they are an environmental and economic liability. With the reduction of the volume of the branches it is possible to obtain an economy up to 80% in the transport, because it is possible to transform from 8 to 10 trucks of branches in only 1 with the material crushed. In addition the crushed material can already be used as a blanket for soil, masonry, landscaping, organic compound and fertilizer.

Lippel has ideal solutions for crushing urban pruning. With mobile and easy to use machines with technology and national manufacture, easy maintenance and operation, ideal for service providers, public bodies and prefectures.