Branch Chipper delivered to city hall for urban cleaning

Recently, a wood chipper was delivered to another city hall, where it will be used in urban cleaning for the processing of organic waste and pruning debris.

This equipment will make it possible to reduce the green waste by up to 80%, which will make the transport operation much easier and more practical, in addition to making possible the reuse of this organic waste.

With the branch chipper, it will be possible to reuse this material, previously discarded, to begin the organic composting process. Through this process is obtained a rich organic compound that acts as a powerful fertilizer for the soil, being very advantageous also because it is totally free of chemical components.

The equipment in question is the Lippel Wood Chipper PTU 300, which thanks to its high efficiency cutting system and powerful diesel engine, is able to achieve high levels of productivity with low fuel consumption.

This equipment will bring several benefits to the municipality, as the economy in waste transport, since the shredded material will have a volume up to 80% smaller in relation to the not shredded material, besides making use of the process of composting, that produces a smaller amount of pollutant gases compared to the decomposition of pruning debris, and making use of a totally natural fertilizer for the soil.