Bran Milling Machine PTU 300 - Solid Waste Volume Reduction Solution and Urban Cleaning


Mato Grosso has been an example after introducing Municipal Law No. 2,367 / 2013, which seeks the effective implementation of the National Policy on Solid Waste, established by Federal Law 12305/2010.
The city of Cáceres has acquired from Lippel through a bidding process the Trunk and Trunk Crusher, which guarantees the correct and adequate disposal for pruning waste. The shredded waste from the tree shredders is a great material for the production of organic compost, a natural fertilizer rich in minerals, making it an economical and sustainable solution to urban pruning waste.
And that was news in the city. Check the link below:
And your city? Are you ensuring proper disposal of tree limb waste? Follow the example of Cáceres that left the equipment at the disposal of the population, charging only a maintenance value.
We need to improve solid waste management by dividing responsibilities between society, government and private enterprise. Let's make a better city, giving an "ecologically correct" destination with the pruning of branches and trunks and still reduce the cost of operation through the Crushers. Acquire your product with Lippel, our technicians will advise you on the ideal equipment for your need.