Another PTU 300 Wood Chipper delivered to city hall for urban cleaning

Recently another city hall has purchased a Lippel Wood Chipper Model PTU 300. The equipment will be used to clean prunings and debris of tree management in urban areas, offering several advantages to the municipality.

Some advantages of using this equipment in the processing of organic waste is the reduction of volume of the waste material, reaching a more than 70% reduction. Thanks to the lower volume of the material, a much smaller fleet of vehicles is needed to transport the waste, thus generating a great saving of public resources.

Through the trituration of the branches, it becomes possible to reuse the tree management remains; which previously would only be discarded in the eco-points of the city, can now be used in the composting process, obtaining a material rich in humus and minerals, and for the fertilization of the soil of the beds in urban areas or by farmers.

The PTU 300 model has been chosen by city halls and service providers as it has a large feed rail and high performance due to its powerful diesel engine and efficient drum cutting system.

At Lippel, operator safety is a priority, so our equipment is developed with state-of-the-art technology and equipment monitoring devices to prevent damage and overload, and emergency stop and protective equipment for the worker, becoming thus the best option of the market in the aid of urban cleaning.