770 HP Forestry Chipper to chip hard wood for the generation of clean energy

The generation of clean energy by burning wood chips - a clean and renewable material - depends on the capacity to process large quantities of wood in many environments, often extreme environments, in addition to grinding high density wood, maintaining the high productivity and servisse life of the equipment.

To meet this need, Lippel has developed its line of heavy-duty Wood Chippers, the PTML line, which are robust and powerful equipment.

Designed to work in extreme environments and with capacity to grind hard wood up to 550 mm in diameter and also last years of intense work.

With the PTML line of forestry chippers, our customers can work in extreme environments, directly at the site of the removal of the trees, so it is necessary only to load the already processed material, having a much smaller volume and being easy to be transported to the place of unloading.

With motors up to 770 HP, they can maintain high output with various types of wood. The PTML forestry chippers are designed for heavy duty work and to offer the best solution in the processing of forest wood with high durability and low maintenance cost.