Wood Processing

Count on our experience in the manufacture of wood chippers, to help you choose the most appropriate to your needs, in our diversified and innovative line we have wood chippers to meet the most diverse needs of the wood processing industry. Because processing aims to improve the quality of the wood, thus adding value to the raw wood, improving the profit, the use and the quality of it. In relation to raw wood, a process widely used is the production of chips. The increase in chip value is due to the need to use a renewable energy matrix, biomass, which is now a worldwide trend. According to a survey by the Economist magazine, biomass accounts for 50% of the renewable energy matrix.

Who else has been looking for biomass, both for its low cost in relation to sources of non-renewable energy, and also for its benefit to the environment is the industrial sector. For a chip of higher added value, it is necessary to produce chips with characteristics such as length, width and angle of appropriate cuts and that maintain the qualities of the fiber of the wood. To this end, it is necessary to have wood chippers, which have a quality set such as: speed and economy in the chipping of the wood and even slightly damaged chips. Choosing a suitable wood chopper is essential to produce the desired chips. Taking into account the robustness and the low cost of maintenance, in addition to being coupled to the high productivity of the wood chipper for greater profitability.

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