Chip Yard - Automate the Moving and Storage

These intelligent systems of storage and handling of biomass meet the most demanding solutions in control of storage and of automated measurement in industrial processes.

Chip Yard - Automate the Moving and Storage

A chip courtyard for handling and storage of biomass consists of machinery and equipment installed and used for the receipt, handling, sorting and storage of biomass in the form of chips, which will be used in burners, furnaces or boilers to generate heat and energy.

It is usually composed of one or more hopper for receiving chips, conveyor belts that move the chips from the equipment, binders, or sieves to standardize the size of the chip, vertical silos and lifts to transport the chips to the top of the silos where they are introduced and stored.

Receiving systems/chipping lines

Receiving systems for logs and chips includes impact tables, dosing tables, screw or chain hoppers, chipping lines, special projects to comply with production, material sizes, types of material and special requirements.

Conveying and classification

Conveying and classification systems allow handling and regularization of materials according to strict international standards considering material characteristics, angle of repose, density, filling degree, oversize or fines.

 Stacking and reclaiming

Uniform stacking through tripper system and reclaiming through screws conveyors, which reclaims the stored material according to FIFO (First-in first-out) concept. Horizontal storage designed according to required volume, residence time, optimizing space and protecting material against weather conditions.


EPCM, Engineering, automation, erection, installation, after sales, technical assistance among others specialized services.

System advantages:

• Compact and automated systems;

• Economical and easy installation;

• Low maintenance;

• Easy operation and reliable;

• Convenient service;

• Storage without the formation of ""bridges"";

• Stock control.

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