Automatic Boiler Feeding with biomass, the eco-friendly fuel

Conversion of boilers systems from oil, gas or wood for the consumption of biomass, with the replacement of energy font.

Automatic Boiler Feeding with biomass, the eco-friendly fuel

Lippel develops projects for automatic feeding of boilers using biomass as a substitute to traditional fuels like coal, coke or oil.

This is an emerging trend for the modernization of various type industries since biomass boilers produce less CO ² and are economically more viable.

To use this type of automatic feeding boiler, biomass must be processed and can be of agricultural or lignocellulose origin. Examples of biomass that can be used: wood chips, sawdust, bagasse, rice hulls, coffee hulls, açaí fruit pits and many others.

Lippel’s Engineering Department develops specific projects appropriate to each client. Each boiler and its combustion systems are directly dependent on the physical and chemical characteristics of each type of biomass.

Lippel’s 35 years of experience in producing machinery for processing biomass combined with the latest tools for 3D modelling projects, ensure that the benefits provided by using biomass as a fuel are achieved.


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