Moisture Meter GMH 3830 LW

Ideal for measuring moisture of various types waste and bulk materials, always ensuring the best quality for your products.

Moisture Meter GMH 3830 LW

The GMH 3830 LW moisture meter is indispensable for those who need to measure the moisture and temperature of bulky materials quickly. The gauge injection rod has an integrated humidity and temperature sensor, allowing measurement of large piles of bulky materials or materials.

The humidity gauge is ideal for many types of waste and materials and can be used by those who need precision in the measurement of sawdust, wood chips, flax, straw, hay, concrete, bricks, limestone, paper, textiles, among others. Materials.

Adequate biomass moisture is critical in the process of manufacturing briquettes and pellets, for example. If the waste does not reach the appropriate moisture content, the pellet or briquette will not be of good quality. Burning chips can also yield more if the moisture is correct.

Technical Specifications

Model:GMH 3830 LW
Measurement Principle:resistive
Measurement Range:0 - 100% U. % U
Temperature:-40 - 200 º C
Display:4-digit LCD
dimensions:142 x 71 x 26 mm
Weight: 0,155 kg

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