Forestry Chipper TITÃ 500 T

Forestry wood chipper equipped with conveyor belt, what guarantee a higher quality product.

Forestry Chipper TITÃ 500 T

The TITÃ 500 T Forestry Wood Chipper shred shrubs, branches, antlers, sawdust, veneer, veneer, plywood, trunks and logs with up to 300 mm diameter with excellent power to production ratio. It can be fed by crane and / or manually.

The TITÃ 500 T has its power take-off from the tractor, and has a discharge chute, which guarantees the production of higher quality chips and larger size, if desired by the consumer.

The word that describes this wood chipper is - VERSATILITY.

     The drum system allows the homogenous and high quality picking of various types of wood.

     The power take-off of the tractor reduces the investment.

     It can be fed by crane and / or manually.

     Great for anyone who needs mobility.

     Its unique chassis allows for height adjustment of the treadmill, making the operator's life easier. It is an innovative design, sized for heavy duty.

     It always offers the best quality of the final product at low cost of production and maintenance.

Strength, durability and versatility.


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Technical Specifications

Model:TITÃ 500 T
Opening input vertical:400 mm
Opening input horizontal:520 mm
Production:55 m³/h
Power Required:90 - 160 CV
Power Trough length:2000 mm
Actuation:Tractor PTO

Budgets, Applications and More Info

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