Surface Grinder - AFI 1500 GL

Knives and Blades Sharpener AFI 1500 GL

Surface Grinder - AFI 1500 GL

The knifes sharpening of Lippel are equipment developed to ensure the efficiency of your cutting equipment. When your blades are worn or with broken points, its knifes loses your original performance characteristics.

With the knifes sharpening is possible sharpen again your blades and rectify them, returning your cutting equipment to their original performance. This allows your production maintain its cut quality and increase the life of your cutting blades.

The AFL 1500 GL has the spindle shift with linear guide, which provide the sharpener a smooth movement, low noise, precision and durability. The machine has 1500mm of a useful sharpening length and a magnetic plate.

This knife sharpening is recommended for grinding and rectifying blades of industrial equipment like wood chippers, grinders, cutters industries, among others. The knife sharpening is also useful for recycling companies and graphic industries, as well as providers of sharpening services companies


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Technical Specifications

Model:AFL 1500 GL
dimensions:1900 x 850 x 1450 mm
Lighting:24 - 25 w
Electrical System:Magnetic switch
Refrigeration system:90
Movement knife:60
Motor power:3 Kw
Sharpening head speed:2840 RPM
Adjustment angle:0 - 90 º
Size Grindstone:32 x 76 x 152 mm
Maximum capacity Sharpening:1500 x 200 x 30 mm
Weight:880 kg

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