Surface Grinder - AFI 1000 BM

Knife sharpener with magnetic fastening of knives, automatic head scrolling and incorporated cooling

Surface Grinder - AFI 1000 BM

The AFI 1000 BM Knife Sharpener sharpens blades up to 1000mm in length and is ideal for those who need flexibility without requiring much effort to a grinding of quality. 

This model is mainly used for sharpening knives plane at various angles and is suitable for various types of knives forest industry, furniture, textile, etc.

Technical Specifications

Model:AFI 1000 BM
Maximum capacity Sharpening: 1000 x 200 x 30 mm
Knife Tilt Angle:0 - 90 º
Power rating:2 HP
Refrigeration system:90
Lighting:24 - 25 w
dimensions:1900 x 850 x 1450 mm

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