Shredder of waste TMF 2660

Knife mill for the processing of various waste, such as electronics, plastics, woods, cables among others, reducing the volume of the material and carrying out the preparation for recycling

Shredder of waste TMF 2660

The Waste disposer 2660 TMF is knife mill intended to reduce the volume of waste such as chips, bark, wood, plastics, textiles, paper, dried coconut, straw, rubber, copper cables, organic products, among others.

The material is shredded between the rotor knifes and counter knifes, the grain size is defined according to the size of sieve mounted below the rotor. Blades are mounted in a cascade position, its resistant structure allows the rotor to crush the material.

This knife mill was unfolded especially for reducing the size of different kinds of waste only a passage for the rotor. Before recycling, waste need to be crushed and the disposer provides the ideal for this purpose granulate.

The cutting chamber is divided into two parts sloping, making access simple and quick maintenance. The blades and counter blades can be adjusted outside the grinder, the team accompanies a mold for the correct configuration of the blades.

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