General Waste Shredder TMF 3280

The Knife Mill TMF3280 was specially developed to reduce the particle size of several kinds of materials.

General Waste Shredder TMF 3280

The TMF 3280 is a knife mill developed for the grinding of diverse waste with agility and high productivity.

The cutting chamber is divided into two parts and is tiltable. It can be opened easily and quickly, allowing the agile maintenance of the machinery.

The bearings are located outside the cutting chamber to prevent dust and dirt from damaging them, also preventing grease from entering the cutting chamber.

Main features:

     System of quick change of classification sieve

     Reversible counter knives made of special steel, mounted on both sides of the rotor

     Prepared for extraction of waste by suction or waste drawer

     Mechanized opening for quick access to knife change


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Technical Specifications

Model:TMF 3280
Rotor diameter:320 mm
Rotation speed:580 RPM
Screen size:12 mm
against Knives:2x2 und.
Number of Knives:24 und.

Budgets, Applications and More Info