Crusher Bale Processor DTF 1500

To shred bales of hay and grass to agricultural or industrial purposes.

Crusher Bale Processor DTF 1500


The result of shred obtained with this straw chopper makes it ideal for cubicles / free stables where the length of the cut is important.

It can also be used to process the primary cut in briquetting operations of Brachiaria hay, in this case driven by electric motor.

It is a machine that works connected to the tractor, and it runs shredding the bales.

The system have cutting knives that move in the same direction of the sieve.

The sieves can easily be replaced by others of different sizes.

The moisture of the grass recommended for acceptable production is below 30%.

A minimum power of 80 HP tractor is recommended.


  • Short and uniform cut, ideal for bales of hay and straw with 1.5 meters in diameter.
  • Direct transmission of tractor power outlet.
  • The feed rate is controlled by the angle of inclination of the drum.
  • The drum rotates clockwise and the rotor rotates in the opposite direction.


It should be dry and can be straw or hay. The wet material completely block the openings of the sieve. Humidity below 30%.

Size of the crushed material:

The size is determined by sieve that is installed. The nature of the material has some effect on the size of the crushed material and you may experience some variation. The cut lengths are typically associated with different sizes of the sieve.

Minimum speed of tractor's PTO:

540 RPM, but to get a better feed rate and a shorter cutting length 1000 RPM is recommended.

Technical Specifications

Model:DTF 1500
Power Trough width:2130 mm
Diameter Barrel:1830 mm
Discharge Height:1090 mm
Power rating:80 HP
Weight:737 kg

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